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What is The Correct Use of Compact Chains?

Mining compact chain is used for coal mine underground scraper conveyor and beam stage loader. The pairing of compact chains is essential for the successful operation of the conveyor. The compact chain is shipped with one-to-one chain link pairing, which ensures the stability of the scraper in a straight line and the scraper in the middle groove. Place the paired compact chains in one box and attach a label to each paired compact chain. Paired compact chains must not be used separately. The pairing tolerance is the larger allowable amount of any paired compact chain length. 

Let's introduce the correct rules for the use of compact chains:

1. Before using the compact chain, please read the product manual carefully and use it according to the instructions;

2. When two compact chains are used, they should be used in pairs;

3. The tension of the compact chain should be appropriate during the working process, and the compact chain cannot be allowed to work higher than the rated load;

4. The compact chain shall not be twisted or twisted in the work;

5. The compact chain should be eliminated in time when it encounters scraping and abnormal wear during work;

6. The working environment has chemical substances or the mining highly compact chain used under severe corrosion conditions, please contact the staff;

7. Compact chain repair should be carried out under the guidance of personnel;

8. The compact chain is composed of a flat link (round link) and a vertical link, the size and type of the flat link are consistent with the mining round chain link, the two sides of the vertical link are flat, and the outer width size is smaller than the mining round link. The compact chain has large bearing capacity, strong performance, good impact toughness, long fatigue life, etc.

Post time: Apr-08-2023

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