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  • Flat Link Chain

    Flat Link Chain

    Category: flat link chain, mining flat link chain, mining round link chain, DIN 22255 flat link chains for use in continuous conveyors in mining, flight bar chain system, flat type chains,super flat type chains, double flat type chains

  • Chain Connectors

    Chain Connectors

    Category: chain connectors, connecting links, mining round link chain connectors, DIN 22253 outboard chain connector, DIN 22258-1 flat type connectors, DIN 22258-2 Kenter type connectors, DIN 22258-3 block type connectors, plane connectors, blockmaster, plowmaster

  • Flight Bars

    Flight Bars

    Forged flight bars are used with round link & flat link chain assembly for conveying coal and other mining goods in particular. Materials are of high Cr & Mo alloy steel, offering sound toughness and wearing life.

  • Round Link Chain

    Round Link Chain

    Category: round link chain, round steel link chain, round link mining chain, DIN 22252 mining chain, mining conveyor chain, flight bar chain system