Round steel link chain making for 30+ years


(round steel link chain manufacturer)

Quality Control In Chain Making

Raw Material Receiving Inspecion (steel bars and wires)
Visual inspection (steel code, heat no., 
surface finish, quantiy, etc.)
Dimensional check
(sample percentage)
Mechanical property retest and chemical
composition check by samples per heat or batch
Materials acceptance
and inventory login
Bar Cutting
Check size, heat no., cutting length design Cut length measurement Tagging of cut bars in bucket
Links Making (bending, welding, trimming and/or forming)
Welding parameters setting Electrode cleaning Welding records/curve check Trimming smoothness Sample links dimensional check
Quenching and tempering parameters setting Furnace calibration Temperature monitor Heat-treatment records/curves review
Manufacturing Force Testing to 100% Chains
Proof machine calibration Force setting per chain size and grade Loading of full chain with records
Links & Chains Dimensional Check
Caliper calibration Links measurement frequency Chain length / gauge length measurement with preset tension / force or hanged vertical Dimensional records Out-of-tolerance links marking and rework
Surface Finish Check and Grinding
Links surface visual inspecton for free of cracks,  dents, overcut and other defects Repair by grinding Links determined unacceptable for replacement Records
Mechanical Property Tests 

(breaking force , hardness , V-notch impact , bending , tensile , etc as applicable)

Breaking force test per applicable standard and client's specs Hardness test on link surface and/or cross section per standards and client's rules Other mechanical tests as required per chain type Test failure and retest, or chain failure  determination per standards and client's rules Test records
Special Coating and Surface Finishing
Special coating fnish per client's specs, including painting, oiling, galvanization, etc. Coating thickness check Coating report
Packing and Tagging
Packing & tagging means per client's specs and applicable standards Packing material (barrel, pallet, bag, etc.) suitable for lifting, handling and sea transportation Photo records
Final Data Book and Certification
Per client's specs and order terms

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