Round steel link chain making for 30+ years


(round steel link chain manufacturer)

Our Story


Our chain factory started 30 years ago making low grade steel chain for marine and decoration purpose, while accumulating experience, personnel & technology about chain material, chain welding, chain heat-treatment & chain application in various industries. Chain grades were covering Grade 30, Grade 43 and up to Grade 70. This was primarily due to then Chinese steel mill capacity insufficiency for developing higher strength alloy steel, but with carbon steel only for chain making industry.

Our chain making machines then were manual, and heat-treatment technology was still catching up.

Nonetheless, our determination and passion for round steel link chain making has helped us with practical achievements during those years:

Quality First from day 1 of our factory exist. We know well that the chain is as strong as the weakest link, so to make each link a quality one lasted 30 years till now.

Equipment investment accounted for over 50% factory net profit for years.

Working with universities and institutes on welding, heat-treatment & testing of chains to higher quality.

Keep learning about domestic & overseas markets demands in terms of chain models, grades, applications, R&D, competitors supply, etc.


When touring our chain factory today, it’s a modernized workshop equipped with latest full auto robotized chain making machine, advanced quenching & tempering heat-treatment furnaces, auto chain length tension test machines, complete sets of chain link & material testing facilities.

Thanks to China machinery engineering development, as well as Chinese steel mills R&D for high alloy steel materials (MnNiCrMo), we have well established our products range for now and future, i.e., quality and high strength round steel link chains for: 

Coal / mining scraping & conveying system (chains per DIN22252, size up to 42mm dia.), including Armored Face Conveyors (AFC), Beam Stage Loaders (BSL), road header machine, etc.

Lifting & slinging applications (chains of Grade 80 & Grade 100, size up to 50mm dia.), 

Other challenging applications including bucket elevators and fishing chains (per DIN 764 & DIN 766, size up to 60mm dia.). 


Our 30 years history of round steel link chain manufacture is not yet far from the beginning, and we have much to learn, to make and to create……we view our road for future an endless chain strand with each link to be of aspiration and challenge, and we’re determined to take it and walk it up:

To maintain high level quality control system;

To keep substantial investment in techniques & equipment updates;

To expand and increase chain size & grade range to meet market needs already there, incl, Grade 120 round link chains;

To share with our clients, employees & the society more beyond chain links, i.e., health, safety, family, clean energy, green life…

SCIC Vision & Mission

Our Vision

The world economy has been into a whole new time, full of entities & terminologies of Cloud, AI, E-commerce, Digits, 5G, Life Science, etc… traditional industries including chain manufacturer are still acting as the world’s cornerstone for serving more people to live better; and for this, we shall keep playing our fundamental but everlasting role with honor and determination.

Our Vision

To gather a passionate and professional team,

To deploy the state-of-art techniques and management,

To make each chain link sized and durable.

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