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Round Link Chain Bucket Elevator Operation Swing and Chain Break Situation and Solution

Bucket elevator has simple structure, small footprint, low power consumption and large conveying capacity, and is widely used in bulk material lifting systems in electric power, building materials, metallurgy, chemical industry, cement, mining and other industries.

As the main traction component of the bucket elevator, the round link chain of the bucket elevator will cause problems such as running swing and chain breaking during practical application. What are the factors that cause the operation swing of the chain bucket elevator and the round link chain breakage? Let's take a closer look:

Bucket elevator

1. In the design and production process, the upper and lower sprockets are not at the center line, resulting in deviation during chain operation, and serious wear on one side of the round link chain, which will lead to chain breakage in the long run.

2. Because the chain is not replaced immediately after being worn, the hopper hole is worn when the upper and lower sprockets are gnawed, and finally the material bar is broken.

3. The chain has not been replaced and maintained for a long time, so that the chain is broken after a long time of rust and aging.

4. The head sprocket is worn, if the head sprocket is seriously worn and not replaced in time, it will greatly cause the chain to swing when it is applied, and the chain will also swing when the head wheel is deflected.

5. Related to the characteristics of the conveyed materials, if the conveyed materials are stuck between the two chains, the more the number of chains, to a large extent, the chain load increases, so that the chain is tighter and tighter until it breaks.

6. Chain quality problems, such as excessive hardness and reduced toughness of chain heat treatment, will lead to fatigue during the use of the chain and eventually lead to chain breakage.

The above are the common oscillating and chain breaking factors of chain bucket elevators during operation. When the chain bucket elevator swings and the chain breaks, the equipment should be repaired immediately:

1. When the head wheel produces abnormal noise and is seriously worn, the parts should be replaced immediately to prevent more serious failures.

2. When the head wheel adheres to materials or debris during operation, it should be cleaned up immediately to prevent chain slippage and equipment swinging.

3. When there is obvious swing, the processing can be adjusted by the lower tensioning device to tighten the chain.

4. During unloading, it is inevitable that there will be scattering, if there is a swing scattering situation, check whether the equipment has a loose chain, and tighten the tensioning device. If the material is spilled on the head wheel and tail wheel during unloading, the material will cover the sprocket, resulting in slippage and wear in the sprocket during the operation of the bucket elevator, and should be dealt with immediately.

Post time: Apr-09-2023

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