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Normal Painting, Electrostatic spray coating, Electrophoretic coating

Normal Painting      electrostatic spray coating      electrophoretic coating

Normal Painting                                           Electrostatic Spray Coating                                   Electrophoretic Coating

Round link chains of different means of painting, how and why?

SCIC-chain has been supplying round link chains with various surface finish, such as hot dipped galvanization, electric galvanization, painting/coating, oiling, etc. All these means of chain link finish are for the purpose of longer storage life, better and longer anticorrosion during chain service, unique color identification, or even decoration.

By this short piece of article, we’re focusing on different means of paintings / coatings for our clients.

Three means of painting are popular with our clients on purchased alloy steel round link chains:

  1. Normal painting
  2. Electrostatic spray coating
  3. Electrophoretic coating

Normal painting is well known for its cost effectiveness and easy handling, but less adhesion effect to chain link surface compared with other two means; so let’s talk more about the other two means of coating.

-       Electrostatic spray coating

The plastic powder is charged by high-voltage electrostatic equipment. Under the action of electric field, the coating is sprayed on the surface of the chain links, and the powder will be evenly adsorbed on the surface of the chain links to form a powder coating. After the powder coating is baked at high temperature and then leveled and solidified, the plastic particles will melt into a dense final protective coating with different effects, and firmly adhere to the surface of the chain links

No diluent is needed, and the process has no pollution to the environment and no toxicity to human body; The coating has excellent appearance quality, strong adhesion and mechanical strength; The curing time of spraying is short; The corrosion resistance and wear resistance of the coating are much higher; No primer is required.

More color choices and higher thickness. Coating is not all evenly applied esp. with links inter-connecting area.

-       Electrophoretic coating

The chain segment is immersed in a low concentration electrophoretic coating bath filled with water as an anode (or cathode), and the corresponding cathode (or anode) is set in the bath. After a period of direct current is connected between the two poles, a uniform and fine film which is not dissolved by water is deposited on the surface of the chain links.

It has the characteristics of low pollution, energy saving, resource saving, protection and anti-corrosion, smooth coating, good water resistance and chemical resistance. It is easy to realize the mechanization and automation of the coating industry. It is suitable for the coating of workpieces with complex shapes, edges, corners and holes.

Less color choice (mostly black) and less thickness, but with super even coating to 100% link surface.

Many of our clients who know well about different paintings/coatings characteristics to their needs will indicate the exact means in their order.

Post time: Apr-22-2021